School Days – How you *shouldn’t* have relationships.

Here, we have a chronicle of how I came to hate Makoto, the lead character of School Days and the worst “protagonist” EVER.

Episode 1:
Here, we have a typical guy who is too much of a wuss to approach the girl he claims to like. We’ve all been there and done that, right? He’s actually bearable in this episode. Heck, I found myself relating to him in the first episode – at first I thought we were real similar. No hating yet.

Episode 2 :
So he makes a few mistakes here and there. Nothing to really hate about him, it would’ve given you the impression that he was just an idiot like a lot of people at the start of a relationship, not acknowledging the feelings of the person he claims to like. He’ll learn from his mistakes, right? WRONG. However, nothing to really hate about him in this episode either.

Episode 3:
What do we have here? At the end of the episode, Makoto says that “Having Kotonoha be my girlfriend… is starting to bore me“. What the f*ck? Totally came out of nowhere. They both had a good time at her house, playing with her little sister and even started to, you know, BUILD their relationship by referring to each other by their first names. Katsura even gave him a cute peck on the cheek at the end of their date! So how the f*ck would the relationship be tiring? Does he KNOW how hard it is to find a girl like that in this world? Very easy actually, when you actually give girls the respect they deserve and don’t think with your penis; not acting like a wh*re.

Episode 4-6:
So, here’s the start of how it is revealed to the world that Makoto cares nothing about an actual relationship, but cares more about full filling his own sexual gratification. Here’s the start of the frequent camera pans toward the characters’ breasts, which obviously represents where the mindf*ck Makoto has his eyes on.

I don’t know why these girls have SUCH an interest in him. One minute, he’s stalking and obsessing over Katsura, they get together and he has a wonderful girl who begins to love him very much – the next minute he’s having underage sex with the girl who he had no interest in initially and doesn’t even care about Katsura’s feelings anymore. The only reason he’s getting it on with Sekai is because she lets him violate her body to his hearts content. Horny bastard. He’s not likable at the least – he doesn’t even TRY to break up with Katsura after he started this bullshit. To think that Katsura was going to knit a Christmas Gift for him. Merry Christmas, loser.

I’m not all that fond of Sekai anymore either (I know, she’s cute, but…) – of course it isn’t entirely her fault, but why hook someone up in a relationship that you’re going to end up ruining PURPOSELY anyway? “Special training”? @$%@%132131. If that isn’t on purpose, then this anime is filled with idiots (which, when you think about it, isn’t all that crazy). Nice to see that she actually feels guilty about this whole thing though, unlike Makoto.

This isn’t to say I won’t give Katsura a hard time either, she made the biggest mistake ever by liking the guy in the first place (same goes for Sekai and Otome), denying anything suspicious when she saw Makoto and Sekai briefly at the train station.

At this point, I’m hoping for a bad ending. With either Katsura shanking Makoto (instead of Sekai), Katsura pushing Makoto off a building (instead of her committing suicide), etc. Any bad ending that doesn’t give Makoto a good one. Or better – Makoto LIVING in sadness with NEITHER of them. Everyone wins. 😀

To put it straight, this anime doesn’t even feel like a ROMANCE anymore. The camera constantly panning in and out of the characters’ breasts and their downstairs area just screams that there isn’t any real “love”. No Makoto, you don’t ‘love” Kotonoha or Sekai you misguided fool. All you want to do is shove your **** up their ******* and have them scream “もう 止めて!! いや!!”. Stick to fapping off to your pornography.

Wow. I’ve never hated an anime character like this before. And I mean it, I’ve never felt like jumping into a show and punching out a character this badly before. Probably has something to do with a jerk being the center of a ROMANCE anime.

36 thoughts on “School Days – How you *shouldn’t* have relationships.

  1. I like your justification for the fanservice, it actually makes sense. XD

    Sometimes I think that the animators are trying to make us hate Makoto, to be honest. Like you said, in episodes 1 + 2 he sort of had promise, but then he started going downhill, off a cliff, and smashing through rock bottom. He had plenty of chances to redeem himself still, to be honest – even just offically breaking up with Katsura might have earned him some points – and he still hasn’t picked up on any of them, and probably won’t until it’s too late (hint: now).

    On the last point on OMG HERESY of a jerk being the center of a romance anime…would you rather have Spineless Nice Guy #5,968? It’s definitely an interesting approach to making a romance anime in having a bunch of messed-up characters instead of the typical fare of “anything you can be, I can be nicer”.

    I’d still like to see somehow a Makoto 2.0 that doesn’t suck (without deux ex’ing it like Aono at the end of sola. Disregard fact you haven’t seen sola.), but at this point a BAD END might just be more realistic.


  2. Ooo, this is a nice tabular of Makoto’s stupidity. 😉

    And just like how some characters grow on you to love, we just grew to hate Makoto. xD And I agree about Sekai. I liked her way more before. I really do like her personality more than Kotonoha, but she’s more in the wrong here. But Makoto deserves neither of them. :[


  3. In some ways this show is almost like a moralistic object lesson in how lust destroys relationships…and in this case both Makoto and Sekai share some blame. But mostly Makoto. He’s been revealed to be quite the heartless heartbreaker in the recent episodes, and my initial sympathy/empathy for him has evaporated. Sekai still has a vestige of a conscience at least, which makes her more sympathetic.

    The protagonist need not be likable for a good story to happen–it’s enough to be believable. Stories like this work best when we can recognize our own worst tendencies in these characters and tremble, knowing this is the logical end of our own dark feelings. Makoto is, really, the classic cad–a type we normally don’t see in romance anime as a lead character. His only hope is that he is still young and the inevitable crash that is coming will wake him up the hard way. Some people don’t learn otherwise.


  4. @CCYoshi: Point taken. xD Him being a jerk sort of makes me want to stick around for the possibility of a bad ending.

    If the creators of School Days purposely made him a hate-able character, then they’re doing a good job of it.

    btw, I actually HAVE seen sola, just the first 4 episodes. ^^;;
    @Mike: Yeah, seems the show is going in that direction for its moral symbolism. The story’s getting interesting even though I don’t like Makoto, and I’d like to see what would happen to a male protagonist of his nature in a romance anime.
    @Mintie: Even though I didn’t want it to happen, I guess deep in my head I saw his stupidity and selfishness coming. ^^;; I still hold SOME respect for Sekai as a character because she really didn’t want to do it, even though she did… didn’t. Blah.


  5. Makoto is the reason I’m not watching School Days…I’d been spoiled in advance that he was an a$$hat, and there’s nothing that wrecks a good anime series like an unlikeable male lead. It makes the rest of the cast unlikeable by extension, because you have to wonder how they can be so stupid to like him.


  6. @suguru: Nice logic there! 😛 lol But I feel much more sorry for them than not liking them, but it’s similar I guess since, well, in the end you just point and say:

    Wow. What a depressing cast.


  7. @zenical: I would, but then they would be stuck in my computer due to my laziness to delete no-longer-needed files. And I really don’t want pictures of Makoto reading porn, err… getting laid, etc… on my hardrive. >(

    Plus, Makoto doesn’t deserve to be given the screenshot treatment. D;


  8. Lol, good points. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants to blog out loud about Makoto’s idiocy. We all hate the guy for the dumb s#1t he does and want to kick his a$$ for doing it.


  9. Wow, that was a great, hilarious read! A lot of people are blogging about this show and how much they hate Makoto. After all this, I don’t plan on watching the series. BUT, I will continue to read everyone’s rants because they are extremely entertaining.


  10. Haha, now I’m POSITIVE that I hate Makoto…geez, he’s such a jerk, and all he wants is to shove his…meh, someone made a comment on this anyway…

    Why did they even turn School Days into an anime? Is it for the sake of fanservice? Or maybe the BAD ENDINGS that happened in the game? 😀


  11. @zenical Yeah, LOL. I’ve never disliked an anime character as much as I dislike him now! And just like what BrikHaus said, all those other anime blogs just keep saying the same things about Makoto over and over again…
    BTW, has anyone seen the bad endings from the game?


  12. @ vanaril143zeon: I SAW IT. LOL. I won’t spoil it for you. go youtube and type school days ending. you’ll get all of them. lol. Lets all join in the war against Makoto. Man. I just hoped he doesnt like have sex with Otome too -.-


  13. Out of curiosity, have you heard Makoto’s voice during his ero scenes in the eroge?

    LOL. He sounds like a faggot with his high pitched whining voice, no less.

    As for the anime…the saw can solve anything. Let’s see Kotonoha whip it out and go School Days Saw Massacre!


  14. I’m hoping for the stabbing end out of all the endings. So then neither girl dies and Makoto still gets what he deserves. Well, Sekai might get arrested or something, but…

    The only thing keeping me from thinking that all Makoto thinks about a sex is the fact that in episode 5, I think, he keeps replaying Sekai’s smile in his head. … But I still think he mainly only wants sex with her.


  15. @bwkamisama: LOL! Yuugi goes midevil on Makoto. DRAW! MONSUTAA KADO! *Multiple stabbings* “I’m the wife” … NOOOOOO! MONSTER REBORN! *revives Kotonoha and kills Makoto* xD
    @emmyriceball: The stabbing ending’s good too – but the way Kotonoha’s sort of going psycho in episode 7 makes me think the anime’s leaning towards the suicide or shanking. As for the replaying smile in his head, I think that’s just him trying to make himself THINK that he “loves” Sekai. Afterall, that only happened after Sekai let him feel her up.


  16. @ xxmikotonakadaixx
    Shh~ I’ve just been telling myself that so I can believe that there’s some hope for him to redeem himself slightly, maybe. But I don’t really think he will. A Kotonoha bad end would be okay, too. Sekai’s bad end is still the best if you ask me.


  17. @zenical Heh heh…I totally saw the endings. I even downloaded them for the heck of it all…just in case some of my friends want to see it.

    Darn people, ganging up on Kotonoha in episode 7! How could they be so cruel when she only asked that guy to help her coz her job’s hard by herself?! Her classmates pick on her, Makoto’s classmates pick on her, I really feel sorry for Kotonoha! I hope the ending isn’t the suicide (although the suicide really left an impact on me after I watched it O_o)

    Darn, I hope Sekai kills Makoto in the end. The Kotonoha-goes-crazy-with-a-saw ending is okay, too, but dang, it’s twisted…O_o


  18. @emmyriceball: Yeah, I somewhat hope Makoto would redeem himself too, even though that’s not possible (unless they pull a DEM)… (But, but… there’s still hope! xP) Yeah, the Sekai ending is good since Makoto got what he deserved.
    @vanaril143zeon: Yeah, her classmates are jerks. D=


  19. Everything you said here is so freaking true.
    When I’m watching School Days with my boyfriend, I turn around every freaking episode and say the same exact stuff, I swear to god.


  20. Pleaaaseee!!! You must tell us what did you said when you finished the last episode!!! I laughed to everything that you said here…BECAUSE ITS THE SAME THING THAT I FEEL!!! (well…i only disagree in the Sekai part…i know she messed up…and she MESSED UP REAL GOOD…but…she really liked that son of a b****…and he just got the best of the situation…HE WAS THE GUILTY OF SHE MESSING UP…well…thats what i think…XD) Anyway, Makoto Itou is a $%&%·$% and he is in hell now…i dont know…maybe hes f***ing the devil! X3!


  21. I agree for most, but no, for some parts, I do not. The reason so many girls like him is that he is, actually, a decent person. And he continues to be, in my view, until he starts messing with Sekai. He obviously loves her more, but does not feel much guilt, he’s too caught up. He wants to keep the two relationships seperate, simply to perserve Kotonoha and himself. However, we see that in Episode 9, when Otome pushes herself onto him. Here we see a phenomonon known as the ‘Triumph of the Phallus’ Where a man, empowered by his sexual prowress, loses his ‘self’ in exchange for a more egostistical personality.

    This is what I perfer about the game. In most of the endings, Makoto had a chance to redeem himself, and he did, commiting himself to a single paramore. However, in the anime, he did not have that oppertunity, instead rejoining with Kotonoha in a state of confusion, which ultimately led to his demise.


  22. I liked Makoto in the beginning & then he just became a whore. I hate Sekai for runing his relationship with Katsura. He just thinks with his **** as you said previously. Still I liked it because the story grabbed me but if it wasn’t for that the Anime would have completely sucked for me.


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