Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 01

Tsundere stae

Air date: 7/1/2010. What? An anime with a fairy tale motif? Airing on my birthday? Does Japan love me or something?

(Excuse the Chinese subtitles, I lacked RAWs for the screenshots… and good-quality English fansubs.)

Staring Problems

It’s not a particularly fantastic show, but it’s not a bad show either. It’s actually kind of amusing. The humor is pretty straightforward, mostly stemming from the comments given by the narrator. Humor might not be for everyone (reminds me of Angel Beats!), but I certainly got a good chuckle out of the episode.

A good amount of characters are introduced in this episode, and quite a number of them are modeled after a character from folklore. I find the characters really likable so far, especially the scoptopohobic Ryoushi. Ookami’s rather obvious origins (it’s in the name!) are screaming for some anthropomorphic fanart. I particularly liked the Urashima Tarou reference (name of the dude that’s getting raped by the loli during the earlier part of the episode.).

Ookami-san is moe

Anyone else thought Ookami bared some resemblances to Taiga from Toradora?

She could honestly compete with Kobato over the title of my favorite female character of the year. =D And they’re two completely different characters!

Neko-Neko PANCHI

Neko-Neko boxing gloves for the frikken win. :3

Denim Shorts

A tsundere in denim shorts is fine too.

Ookami’s pretty leggy. That alone can push Kobato off of her spot for top 10!

…Sorry, Kobato. =,(

Caught in the act

…………………………………..“I swear, this isn’t what it looks like, Ookami-san!”

Badass flat chest

Women being badass? In my anime? Blasphemy.

Thankfully, Neko-Neko gloves just makes it look cute rather than badass.



I approve of the awesome DFC fanservice.

Oh whoa. Yikes. ♥


I had no fucking clue what was going on, everything was a mind trip, but the sense of urgency had far surpassed Cinderella.

This turns me on. Very.

Hey, don’t laugh at him. Don’t we all have strange fetishes? 😀

Quid pro quo

Was I the only person that noticed the double-meaning here? Fetish for “returning favors”? Quid pro quo, anyone?



Ahahahahahaha. *giggle*

…W-what? I-I-..it’s not like I like you or anything… You stupid anime…

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