Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 04

Mean Ryouko-san

Meido Ryouko

We finally got meido cosplay from Ryouko.

Could have been better if they dropped the cross dressing, though.

Do not want. ):


The episode itself explores Otsuu’s past and her obsession with quid pro quo. I like how each episode is adding a little bit of depth to these side characters, although so far, Otsuu is the only one who has a character background that resulted in a pretty exaggerated character trait.

Onii-chan sacrificed his life to save me! Now I’ll put on some meido clothes and return favors to everyone!”

Hot Meido

Not that I’m complaining. 😛

It’s hard being a teenager with hormones and being critical at the same time…

Incest is how you show your family love in anime

I love you, Onii-sama.

Oh my-… nevermind… I can be critical now…

Fangs are awesome

That’s a cute little fang you have there, Ryouko. I know where Ryoushi is going with this!

…Okay, sick joke I made there. But hey, that is a cute fang. Yeah?


Deredere Romance Novel Otaku


lol Ryouko is a romance novel otaku.

Ryoushi’s a closeted badass hunter and his aunt is Ryouko’s favorite romance writer. The variety in his family trades is strange, but I’d say… he certainly has the upper hand here. Don’t let me down.

Jacked off too much last night

Teehee. You males out there would find this face familiar. I could go into detail, but that would just be too much information. 3QFGY2SA4SB8

6 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 04

  1. @Fabrice: Yeah, same reaction here, actually. The premise seems to be the Otogi Bank doing people favors, but the only thing I can see that counts as a “plot” (sort of) is Ryoushi’s love story with Ryouko…
    Maybe that “omnious darknezzz!!!” in the opening will come to light in due time? 😛


  2. @Damon: Yeah, it was. The upper part of the chest is exposed to reveal the deliciousness of that piece of flat 8D. *cough*


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