Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 07

Shy Ryouko-chan

Ryouko reverts to her 13-year-old self after a hit in the head in the shallow pool.

As expected, Ryoushi enjoys his Ryouko dressed-up, shy, cute, and wet.

Overall, it was an entertaining episode. I enjoyed seeing Ryouko’s personality without the tsun in front of it. ❤ I’m usually not fond of the generic amnesia episode, but seeing that side of Ryouko made things a lot better and easier to watch.


I remember the days when the word “onii-san” didn’t provoke perverted thoughts.

Oh wait, there were days like that?

Ryoushi can't handle this magnificent day

Judging by his fanboyish squeals, Ryoushi wasn’t prepared for this episode at all. Don’t worry bro, we can all relate to you.

Eternal Pettanko

Once a pettanko, always a pettanko. I like it how some female characters don’t realize that their flat-chests may be their main physical draw.

Even though his eyes are covered, I know where Ryoushi is staring. Seems like he has a leg fetish and a pettanko fetish.

Oh you

Ooooooooooh you.

See? Nothing can get past my eyes, Ryoushi. 😛

I just noticed that Ryoushi has a habit of adding “-suu” at the end of his sentences. What is he, some Japanese Prinny? inb4 you’re not a Disgaea fan and don’t get the joke.

Frolicking in the park

...with her boyfriend

Eyes cannot unsee

Ryouko frolicking in a park… with Ryoushi?


Frilly dresses

Princess dresses…

Stuffed animals

…and stuffed animals.

All of this would be extremely adorable and attractive interests for a 16-year-old girl (note: I’m 17). But we have to remember, Ryouko just reverted to a 13-year-old mentality.

Seems like Ryoushi’s enjoying his day of justified pedophilia. Oh you. 😛

Can I has cookie?

My heart just melted.

I like the extreme differences in tone between the voices of tsundere Ryouko and shy Ryouko. Good seiyuu ftw.


“Ryoushi-san… I WANNA FEED YOU CUTIE. ^_^”

Idiot should have turned his head around for just a slight second. Of course, the rest of the episode would have never happened and she would be stuck like this forever, but hey, that might be a good thing for Ryoushi.

It's not like he likes me or anything


Slasher smile

Hitsujikai has a really creepy slasher smile. If Ryoushi doesn’t watch his back, I won’t put it below this guy to rape him too. ._.

Those sharp nails of his probably comes in handy when it comes to that kind of trade… er, yeah.

This image looked cute before his hand scared her

Either Ryouko was still an openly shy and cute girl after the attempted rape, or the reminder of the traumatic experience brought back her memories.


It’s always amusing to see Ryoushi’s closeted GARness.

Threatening someone that you will hunt them down and slit their throat if they touch your woman the wrong way… yeah. Ryoushi would rather kill than to mope about his special person losing her virginity via rape.

Both the Ryous have double-layered personalities. What a match.




We all know she’s secretly cherishing her dere moments with Ryoushi, whether she likes it or not.

Ringo is an evil genius.

She secretly enjoys this

Like all anime girls (except for Mikuru Asahina), Ryouko probably really enjoys this. Secretly, of course.

Being called cute by Ryoushi is like a drug. A drug that she enjoys punching the living daylights out of.

She be lovin’ them neko ears.

Happily ever after

Moral of this fairytale: After one date, you’re married and she’s in the kitchen cooking delicious rice for you.

Seriously though, what the HELL happened during that date?! Everything took a 180 turn in the right direction…

6 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 07

  1. Although threatening the president [spoiler] with a slingshot [/spoiler] doesn’t exactly sound threatening, at least Ryoushi is willing to kill for his girl 😛

    And Itou Shizuka voicing 13 year old Ryouko for this episode was pure win. (≧∇≦)


  2. @Tsuki: Hey, he’s a hunter. Depending on how he uses it, it might as well be threatening. 😛
    Yeah, it was great hearing such a soft voice coming out from Ryouko. xD


  3. @Mushyrulez: Plenty of ways, but I’m trying to avoid certain stereotypical remarks, so I would rather not explain… 😛


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