School Days: Review/Rant!


That’s right folks! JAST has released the very infamous School Days visual novel for all the public to see! So grab your blanket and sad-faces, right? Everyone knows how this is going to go! Everyone has seen this damn anime, so naturally, the visual novel is probably going to be equally as disturbing! I bet everyone who is probably avoiding this visual novel, as if it’s been infected with the black plague, is probably wondering who in their damn right minds would play the gore-fest horror-story that is School Days.

…Except, not really.

Want to know how this went? Long story short, it went fine. No, I’m serious. It went fine. And I’m sure a ton of people reading this is going to call me a liar, but I promise! No shenanigans. Seriously. This was honestly the most anti-climactic experience I think I ever had. So, if it went fine, I bet you’re wondering what this post is about then? Well, it’s honestly half a review, half a rant. So, let’s get this started!

Accurate depiction of people hearing about School Days.

What in the ever loving fuck!?

And I mean that in the most shocked way possible. How do people get bad endings in this? HOW?! I had to go to a walkthrough to see the crazy bad endings. Really. The stigma behind this game is some of the stupidest shit I have ever come to experience when talking to people. It baffles me. And it kind of makes me hate the damn anime. This whole thing is just… frustrating. I’m honestly annoyed just writing this damn article, but we’re going to go ahead and go with it anyway.

Let’s get it started here. Makoto. At the beginning, he’s some super shy guy with a hopeless crush on a girl on the train. Stalker-ish? Yeah. And then Sekai, clearly wanting the Makoto-Manjuice, come’s around and helps him solve his shy woes and to go get the girl! Sekai kisses him, drama happens, people cry. Etc.

Skip through the rest of it, and.. nothing. My first run through of School Days ended up with me peacefully in a hotel room with Kotonoha, ending with nothing but moe and love, with Sekai obviously sad but with no will to kill something, someone, or herself. That’s it. Nothing fucking crazy happened except Taisuke was a bit of a shithead.

“Oh,” I thought. “That was interesting. I guess I missed something.”

And apparently I kept missing it. Again. And again. And again.

It’s like you have to TRY to fuck this up.

Accurate depiction of someone seeing the anime School Days.

So, here we have a visual novel with arguably some of the most memorable and realistic bad endings around. Yes, realistic. Crazy ex-girlfriend killing herself in depression or someone else in rage is not something that isn’t heard of. The reality of that might be the most scary thing about School Days in general. It’s not out of thought process and it’s not something you wouldn’t see in the news. That’s the freakiest part for me, someone else may disagree. Someone else might find the bad endings of a girl splitting her skull open after jumping off a building the scariest part. Bah. Don’t be a wuss.

“So Wahfuu!” you might ask, “Why are you so mad?”

Oh, I’ll tell you why I’m mad.

That damn anime and honestly put such a stigma on this VN that it’s going to be hard to ever see anything besides the bad endings. And that bugs me. Remember, everyone, this entire game is meant to be a deconstruction of the harem genre. And in my opinion it’s a fairly accurate and rather realistic one. Unfortunately, not all MCs are the best guys in the world, so much so that they are beyond human, and not all females react to competition with cute jealousy. If you attempt to treat a bunch of girls like they belong to you, without any regards to their feelings, you are going to be pretty disappointed with the result.

The anime is stupid, is basically what I’m getting at.

Makoto is a human. With a rather big possibility of being a rather big douchebag. For anyone that has played Katawa Shoujo, he’s honestly quite a deal like Hisao. And School Days, in itself, does the deconstruction pretty well. Now, is it the best written? Eh, probably not. Could it have done better? Probably. But hating the VN because it has scary bad endings if you want to be a douchebag of massive proportions is a bit silly.

I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. Anyway, once again, like most things: The VN is better. It’s a hell of a lot more accurate and paints Makoto in more of a human light rather than the absurd douchebag he was made out to be in the anime.

Anyway, guys. I’m out. Gotta go back to Da Capo III and get that back underway! So, remember. Don’t cheat on your girlfriends. The end result is.. welllll..

It might end up a bit like this.

6 thoughts on “School Days: Review/Rant!

  1. Well, I wouldn’t blame the whole bad ending craze and all the Makoto hate on the anime alone. The only reason I decided to watch the anime was because of how infamous the bad endings to the VN were and how much of a “bad” protagonist Makoto was. Mind you, this was barely before the anime even aired, and I watched it with those thoughts in mind as it aired, expecting the bad ends and Makoto’s degeneration.
    Granted, you have a point, the bad ends and Makoto’s bad personality is the result of willingly choosing to get the bad endings in the VN, but the fact that people were saying School Days was worth it only for the bad endings before the anime even aired means that it isn’t entirely the anime’s fault but also the fans’ sole interest in the bad ends.
    btw, I’d say School Days was more of an attempt at a deconstruction of an Overflow game rather than the harem genre itself (although you are right in that it does a good job of that). Other Overflow VNs, from what i hear, are more forgiving of polygamy, so maybe that explains why people easily got the bad ends and why they were so infamous to begin with.


  2. @Mikoto

    I can sort of agree other then it being a deconstruction of it’s own companies games. I’m pretty sure it’s intent wasn’t for it to come out and go “Hey! Look at us rip down our own games to see the horror story behind it!” seems a bit odd to me. Yet, I don’t think most people who saw School Days back when the anime had aired or heard about it from there friends ever heard about or even knew about the VN. I doubt everyone came in already knowing its infamy. I just don’t like the stigma the VN has because of it’s horror counterpart.

    And this is why VN to anime adaptations about multiple girls/routes are weak.


  3. The blogosphere, at least back then when that anime was airing, had quite a few people anticipating the bad ends because the whole thing seemed like it would be generic otherwise to them. Seemed like the bad ends from the VN were pretty loud on the net before the anime came around, although the anime also gathered people that didn’t know about the VN. You’re right, not everyone came in knowing about the VN, but the idea that the series is only worth it for the shock value existed before the anime even begun airing.
    Although it was more about the brutality than a “WELL SHOOT, CHOOSE TO GO WITH GIRL TO BATHROOM, GIRL CHOPS YOUR HEAD OFF” sort of thing that the anime generated.
    I heard about the VN’s bad ends on a site that seemed the least likely to have people into visual novels.


  4. I personally like the anime too,to me it felt the same as playing the game but with a quicker peace,in fact I like that it lacks the sometimes force porn scenes the game has (like taisuke asking sekai to suck makoto off)I didn’t really undetstand what you fount so different to the game.


    1. Because the anime has almost no development. The entire point is to make the biggest douchebag possible get killed at the end for simple shock value. The anime has little character development and goes from slice-of-life drama to people dying and getting there head hacked off. The memorable parts of School Days are indeed the murder scenes, but it was about how fucking with girls hearts and treating people like you owned them was bad. That didn’t happen in the anime. In the anime it’s simply watching a douche be a douche only to get murdered by some girls who seemed fine but went insane randomly.


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