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Y’know, sometimes, words really don’t do it justice. Really, realllllly don’t do it justice. I could go on and on and on about how good the writing is, how clever and creative the plot is and just.. everything in general, but I honestly don’t think anything I say can do it justice. It’s something really has to be read to be fully appreciated. Rarely does anything make me turn off the nitpick and critical part of my brain just out of liking it so much but the final sections of Rewrite managed to do it to me. And now I have been left with the daunting ask of trying to sum it all up without freaking spoiling anything.

Seriously, I can’t even talk about the damn love interest all that much, really! What the hell do I even write here? Ah, screw it. Whatever. I guess I’ll just gush a little bit here since and do my damnedest to try to sell this. I’m really lost at how I plan on going about it, but I might as well try. So, here is my feeble attempt at telling you about Rewrites Finale, Moon and Terra. Oh boy, let’s see how this works out. First up, Moon.

(For the record, that OP is great. Really. I don’t get the hate I’ve been hearing for it.)

Moon is.. probably harder than Terra to explain, truthfully, but it’s basically an answer route to the other five. It.. kind of renders the other routes a bit worthless, to be perfectly honest. Not totally, though. Anyways, explaining Moon would be like explaining to you how a textbook explained to be the theory of life, while keeping all the details of the original theory at the same time. It probably sounds worse than it actually is, though. I did wish Moon wasn’t a bit cryptic on the information it gives you, but there isn’t really anything that I’m incapable of filling in by myself, and it’s not like it purposely doesn’t tell you anything. It’s a little hidden and you might have to dig a bit or re-read a few sentences, but it’s all there.

I guess I can understand a little bit of the confusion surrounding Moon and I can kind of understand why a few details would fly over some people’s heads. All the information about.. well, everything, can probably feel a little overwhelming. Rewrite is basically trying to tell you how life works in a couple of hours and why everything happens in the side routes like they do. You get information way beyond the scope of the things you’ve experienced so far. You’ll get answers to things you don’t even have questions for. It’s really.. elaborate. And pretty clever. Moon even has a small slice of life segment that’s pretty amusing and reminded me of the common route, which I think was the point.

At the end of the day though, Moon is primarily build-up. You can tell where this is going about half-way through. Seeing it unfold is.. rather sad though. I can’t say I felt a ton of emotional attachment to Kagari at the time, but still, when you finally get your answer at the end it’s really hard to not feel anything for her. I think it was mostly meant to give the romantic attraction a slight spark to make way for Terra to come in and make a mess of the furniture. I was unfortunately forced to stop after I finished Moon, but I really don’t recommend it. You should probably set up some time to go through all of Moon & Terra in one sprint. Doing just Moon left a bit of a bitter after-taste for the night and subsequent morning after that I had to spend doing crappy paperwork.

There’s not much I can say here. Moon is everything it’s supposed to be and then some. It’s the build-up, the starting line, whatnot and what-have-you. Moon is supposed to be the guide that pushes you towards the fireworks show, which it does both creatively and very well. I guess I could probably say it was kind of short, or that the romance implications a little unbelievable, since the whole time thing is a bit hard to properly convey, but I don’t even think I can say that’s true with a straight face. The romance is really just the foundation for Terra, which explains the former issue at the same time. Maybe it’s a bit cryptic at times, but even then I thought it was rather well done in its mysterious way of explaining things.

Of course, though, this is all build-up for the kabam. The big kaboom. That one really big firework that always comes at the end of shows that you know is coming and get really excited for. The Key finale that never really fails. Yes, yes. It’s all pretty much entirely made for that. So, without padding this section out too much, let’s get going into Terra, shall we?


And thus many new ‘best key girl’ threads were started that day.

First thing I want to talk about is Kagari. Yes, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about her all that much and I won’t, but something deserves to be said about a character that doesn’t talk all that much, you rarely see and doesn’t get much romantic spotlight but still manages to be likeable, tragic and amazingly built at the same time. I never really felt like I ever ‘understood’ Kagari, but I think that’s the intention. You aren’t supposed you. You are incapable of understanding Kagari, she’s something beyond us and something really shrouded in wonder. It’s hard to comprehend, yet somehow in somewhat incomprehensible ways Kagari ended up being being not only interesting and complex but also likeable, amazingly human and pretty easy to love despite the game not selling her as such. She has to be one of the weirdest characters on almost every format, truthfully. The sheer mystery of her whole character will probably leave most people wanting more and waiting for that pesky fandisc to hurry up.

 I’ve read a few reviews where people complain that they didn’t really feel the connection with Kagari and Kotarou because the character doesn’t get much screen time and the romance is too brief for anything he does in Terra to make sense. I would tell those people to freaking read Moon over again, but let’s not be petty. Look, I understand why people wouldn’t feel the same way about Kagari as I do, but I am absolutely against some sort of deep and complex romance in Terra. Not only would have felt forced and sledgehammered in Terra, it would have been served very little purpose. Kagari really didn’t need it. Her character didn’t need it. And to be frank it didn’t keep me from getting invested into her in the slightest, which might be what they were going for here. I’m not sure. I found her really cool.

Speaking of characterization, how about that freaking Kotarou guy? Man, it’s really nice seeing a super bad-ass also come off as weak and vulnerable at the same time. Kotarou was really the shining star of Terra. He has to do some fairly bad shit to the point where you swear you can see him start to lose more and more of himself every new problem that comes up and you’ll probably want that funny kid from the common route back eventually. Kotarou put so much weight on his shoulders and was willing to give up everything because nobody else was willing to, which was really hard to read at times. Kotarou has to be not only my favorite Key protagonist, but one of my favorite protagonists to date. He’s incredibly relatable at times and really manages to come into his own, sometimes in some really humanity-destroying ways that’ll make you want to brohug him and give him a beer. I mean, I always liked Kotarou even from the other routes, but he really pushed the line here. I felt like I was watching a friend kill slowly kill himself.

Y’know, Terra is kind of filled with great characterization from start to finish, truthfully. It really gives some love towards the side characters too. Almost nobody seems insignificant in the whole scenarios besides people without names, which is at least a little expected. Characters that appear a little small or very prop-character..ish are get quite a promotion during Terra. It’s actually a bit refreshing to see a game drop all it’s shit, realized it forgot something and go back and collect its other toys. I guess it’s not totally like that since it’s not like what Terra is doing is random, but you get the point. I hope.

Yep. This one.

This guy. This guy right here.

Man, this really is hard to put into words without spoiling anything. I honestly feel like I should just throw my hands in the air and say ‘fuck it’ and tell you all to read it, but that’s the easy way out here. I feel like I should use this section to nitpick like I normally do, but honestly I’m not sure what I should be nitpicking. Sure, I mean, I could complain about certain things but I couldn’t honestly advocate changing them. I feel like everything is so neatly placed together and so tightly related that if I changed one thing I might change everything. I could say that Terra really should get a popsicle and a smile on its face, the moody bastard, or that maybe they could have sprinkled a bit more common route over the whole thing but I think it would have changed a bit too much. I can’t really nitpick if I don’t think it’d better the story, and I really don’t think it would have. Terra.. well, was fine the way it is, really. Same with Moon, truthfully.

One thing I feel like I should use this section for is to really start questioning where the hell this VN is getting its negative reception from. I kind of expected this VN to be heavily polarized among the masses but not to this extreme. I feel like people are coming into this expecting some sort of emotional impact or relatable message like the other Key works and when they don’t get that and see romance get side-lined they call foul because it’s not what they expected, which is a bit bullshitty if you ask me. It kind of reminds me of Chaos;Head, truthfully. I feel like people are getting a bit too antsy over what they perceived Rewrite as being and are a bit too quick to call it bad when they willingly let the whole point of the VN fly over their head because they don’t like the premise. It’s a little disheartening to see, really, because Rewrite really has a great message to tell in some amazingly creative ways and no more is that apparent then Terra. I guess it is pretty hit or miss and there are a few reasons for Rewrite to ‘miss’ people, but I really wish it would stop being because somethings different then what they expected.

Right. Review, Wahfuu. Not rant. Do rant later. Review now.

As I mentioned before in Akane’s route, ‘fun’ is a pretty subjective term here. And Terra.. well, it’s hard to really call it fun. It’s a great story and it’ll pull you in, but it’s a pretty big downer sometimes. And it never really cheers up except for a few parts, which funny enough is what made me really miss the common route. It’s funny, when I think about it now. I remember saying that Rewrites common route while amusing and hilarious could really use a trim, but after going through Terra I find that a bit wrong to say. I kind of wanted it back after Terra, which lead me to going through the common route to see a few of the bonus scenes and the amazingly stunning Oppai Ending.

Which, by the way, left me feeling rather aroused confused at the whole thing. I’m half tempted to toss Moon and Terra completely out the window, because nothing they can offer will ever compare to Oppai Ending. It’s just fact. Nothing anybody can do can change that. One could say it left me feeling amazingly booby. Is boobacious a word? Can it be? I think it should be. Also, anybody want to start a fundraiser for Keys next VN to be Third Plant From The Magic – Creamy★Kagarin? See, screw everything else Key has done. That’s clearly where the big money lies. Incase you hadn’t grapsed it yet, Oppai Ending was deifnitely worth the effort time it took to read all through Ixrecs walkthrough. At least I know forever that if humanity ever gets truly threatened, we will always have the magic of boobs to fall back on. Take that, armageddon.




Come on. Is there really anything to say? Moon and Terra were great. It’s pretty much what I expected from the finale. The greedy part of me kind of wishes there was a bit more of just Kagari in general, but I must stem my need to say it’s a fault simply because I’m a damn greedy bastard who wants his ribbon waifu. In all seriousness though, Terra didn’t try to be some sort of complex love story. There’s love in it, and it’s actually a theme, but it doesn’t try to stuff it in your face. And it doesn’t try to fake being a love-story, either. It’s quite different, really.

Mostly though, it’s a huge selling point. It’s what most people are going to remember from Rewrite. The whole message is gigantic, creative and rather thought-provoking. It really shows you humanity’s breaking point and puts a very interesting spin on humans relationship with the earth. I wouldn’t call it ‘fun’ because as I said before Rewrite could really use some cheering up when it gets into Akane/Moon/Terra, but it’s not really bad or a detriment. I’ve always been a bit of a Romeo fan, but I’ll willing to go ahead and say I’m a full blown fan now. He’s got me by the balls.

Annnnd one more section just to mention Kagari again (can’t talk about her that much my ass!) because I feel like shes incredibly underrated. Yes, sure, Kotarou x Kagari isn’t exactly some sort of deep romantic heart-wrenching emotional relationship, no, but it shouldn’t have been. There wouldn’t be any point to it besides coming off as forced. I know Key is stuck with this whole emotional heartache thing glued to their forehead but come on. It’s not like they lied to you. The only complaint with Kagari I have is that I wish I saw her more, but that might just be a testament to how much I actually liked her despite how moderately she was around. Sure, the game may not sell you on Kagari x Kotarou, but I think most people will be sold on Kagari as the reader for a variety of reasons that I find hard to place into words.

I can’t exactly speak for you though, as this is just my opinion. Some people might just not get Kagari and some people might just be disappointed overall that there wasn’t a relationship for us to see the real human behind the character. I admit I probably got more attached to Kagari then most people will, so I won’t say everything here is fact. I could be a special case. You best believe I’ll still freaking scream it from the mountain tops though. Kagari 4 life.

So, Rewrites done. What next? Well, hopefully a more fun and official overall review, I think. I’ll probably take a bit of a break before coming back though. I believe Seiken no Inganock is next on the list for the backlog I haven’t done yet. but Harvest Festa is looking really tempting despite my terrible japanese.

Holy shit my heart.
I have nothing funny to say, so Kagari.

16 thoughts on “Rewrite: Finale (Moon/Terra)

  1. Having seen tons of bad stories, I wouldn’t normally mind the weak Kotarou x Kagari implication. However, when one examines her story as the true route, one soon realizes that every other heroine becomes a side character to move the story along.

    The true story suddenly makes sense, but you start wondering why you even courted the “side characters” in the first place. Don’t give me that journey is everything crap…the epic conclusion is that the heroines are just there to make the game look pretty. I believe the word I’m looking for is 50 hours of “fanservice”.

    Horrible fanservice too if you consider how Kotori’s and Shizuru’s routes ended.

    It’s why I have somehow deluded myself into thinking that the Oppai ending is the true ending. Silly as it is, you get awesome action, characters that get their comeuppance, shocking *cough* horrifying *cough* revelations, and an ending that’s pretty damn hard to disagree with. Especially because all the girls are happy…kinda.


    1. Well, why the side characters routes happened in the first place makes sense within the context of the whole story and yes, I do agree that the finale does make the rest of the side routes seem rather pointless. That being said, you can’t point the finger at Rewrite for this. The same argument can be made against a grand majority of multi-route visual novels, especially everything that comes out of Key. This isn’t something only Rewrite does or something that can be realistically listed as a con. G-Senjou no Maou is an example of side-routes with no merrit. Rewrite is not one of those cases. The side-routes even at there worst offer information about how the world works. If they were truly fanservice, we’d be able to get rid of them entirely and the game wouldn’t be harmed by it. It would have. So I have a really hard time seriously saying that it’s fanservice-e.


  2. @TamaSaga

    You must be the kind of sick bastard that thought the alien dog ending in Silent Hill 2 was pointless fanservice and not the best thing since sliced alien dog bread.


  3. @Wahfuu
    “That being said, you can’t point the finger at Rewrite for this. The same argument can be made against a grand majority of multi-route visual novels, especially everything that comes out of Key.”

    Uhh Little Busters and Clannad had all the routes tie in together with the actual story. LB needed the routes to help Riki become stronger and Clannad needed the balls of light that Tomoya earned after every route to bring back Nagisa. They’ve tied in everything in other Key works, but not Rewrite for some reason…


    1. That isn’t true at all. Clannad turned everyone into walking dragonballs all for a single purpose of Nagisa. You didn’t even have to freaking do them all, either. You only need a certain amount. Sure it tied in but it’s not like it didn’t make all the hardships entirely pointless, especially with how piss most of Clannads side routes were. And yes, Little Busters is probably the tied in among Key works as far as main plot and side-routes go, but once again, all the side routes are donated to a single purpose, which is Riki overcoming the hardship he will face later which turns them all into simple passer-bys with no real point besides getting to the true ending. This isn’t really arguable, it’s what happens. The only difference is how much you enjoyed the side routes.

      The EXACT SAME thing happens in Rewrite. There is very little difference, and if anything Rewrite is not only more obvious where the side-routes lay in the grand scheme of things, they all at least offer something. If you really don’t think Rewrites side routes have semblance in the main story then I encourage you to go re-read Moon, because you missed it entirely.


  4. Mm…I hadn’t considered the need for each of the side routes to divulge information on the two sides. But with all the workable material in Terra you could’ve just as easily added some details in Terra to fill in most of the missing gaps. I think only Sakuya’s origin wouldn’t fit in the context of Terra.

    Mm, don’t get me wrong. I liked playing the game especially because of Akane, Chihaya, Shizuru, and Kotori. But Terra? It could’ve been something else. Inside, I saw an interesting part regarding Kotori’s parents. I happily chose the lit option because something seemed different. I thought the purpose of Terra was to remove the darknesses from the heroines’ past. But now I realize that Key probably wanted to hammer home “the more things change”? Seriously! It had potential to tell the reader why they took the time to learn about the past of each heroine and, with a dash of tragedy due to cascading events, still obtain a Kagari route.

    *shrug.* Hmm, G Senjou Maou would be the fourth VN where I encountered this situation. Rewrite would be third. It’s true that I’ve been holding off on Key games but it seems uncommon to me. G Senjou was a surprise because AKB2 didn’t do it in Sharin no Kuni.

    @Mr. Lex
    Your comment went *whoosh* right over my head since I haven’t played the game. But I think you really mean I would be the sicko who hates the true ending where the main character goes insane but loves the ending where the alien dog going around eating tanks while shooting down an alliance of pirates and ninjas with a pair of miniguns strapped to its antlers.


    1. I’m going to try this as non-spoilery as possible. The whole point of Moon and Terra was to find the ‘one way’. That was it’s goal. And it was the only way that worked. It’s like that because every other option didn’t lead to anywhere good. That’s why Terra is so radically different from everything else you find in the VN. It’s supposed to be a big pay-off towards all that you’ve seen, learned and understood about the massive plot of Rewrite and why everything happened as it did. You can’t just strip off key parts in characters story and say that they’d work in Terra. Not only is it unfair to the characters, Terra’s focus towards the end-goal would have been boggled down with pointless information we didn’t need if it had just left it for the side routes to describe to us, which they did, which was there point. Anyways, I’m not saying that the side routes didn’t really get diminished via Moon and Terra, they certainly did, but many multi-route/true end visual novels suffer from this. One route is going to stand out as the big pay-off, it’s really inevitable.


  5. @TamaSaga I really shouldn’t be taking this more off-track, but I think some clarification is in order.

    Edit: Holy hell, I don’t remember having Youtube embedding in our comments, it’s breaking borders and everything…ahhh screw it.
    Edit Again: Oh, it’s gone, cool.


  6. Fuck, thanks for reminding me of [SPOILER]Esaka-san[/SPOILER]. Time go cry in a corner again.

    Btw I asked this on VNDB and got different answers. What do you think of the ending/ending video? Do you think the [SPOILER]Occult Club remembers Kotarou[/SPOILER]? Or is it just open to different interpretations?


    1. Space here just so the two babbies that haven’t read Rewrite that also write on this site don’t automatically see the comment through the spoiler tag.

      [spoiler] There isn’t really anything to remember considering he never really met any of them in Terra, so I think it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t. However, I don’t think it’s really sad. He gets to look after his friends in a normal life now. It’quite uplifting. [/spoiler]


  7. Oh did I format incorrectly or something? My bad.

    As for the ending, I suppose you’re right. [SPOILER]I mean, it definitely could’ve ended up a lot worse considering the overall tone of Terra. In hindsight it’s actually thought out pretty well.[/SPOILER]

    That said, great review(s). I’m probably going to read through Moon again sometime in the future just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


  8. Wahfuu Edit: For some reason the spoilers are showing up on the dashboard, so I’m just putting these here to make sure that the other people don’t see this.

    I think you’re misreading what Andromeda was asking about.

    [spoiler]He was asking about whether the Occult Club remembers Kotarou and not the other way around. In fact, I find it strange how Kotori, Akane and Shizuru don’t notice anything when they summoned him at that tree. It’s more strange in Kotori’s case since she’s had the most extended contact with him in Terra.[/spoiler] And about the ending… [spoiler] I guess that’s your interpretation of the ending, but I found it to be quite the downer… No one knows how much BS Kotarou went through for them… And while this is not necessarily related the Rewrite’s story, the fact that none of the five heroines remembered him killed me… Kotarou(I) spent so much time with them T.T[/spoiler]


  9. I wish there was an edit button… [spoiler] What I meant to say is that no one knows that it was Kotarou that went through all the BS for their sakes. [/spoiler]


    1. Stupid dashboard making spoilers visable on the dashboard. Sorry I had to throw that in the comment.

      [Spoiler] Anyways, no, I understood that. However, it’s been quite awhile since then, remember. And Shizuru only saw him for a few minutes at best. Akane and Kotori could possibly remember that it’s Kotarou though, they were with him for a decent bit. As for the ending, yeah, Kotarou is an unsung hero, but he gained a life without armageddon always looming over it. He gets to watch over his friends in a normal life. I find it uplifting. Just me though. [/spoiler]


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