Let’s Read! Rewrite (Mikoto Playthrough) – The Beginning…


I have recently started reading Key’s latest visual novel series, Rewrite. I’ve heard a lot of good about it (and it helps that most of my contacts on Skype have read it and constantly drown me with references and awesome music), so I thought I’d give it a go.

It helps that the only things I’m actively blogging right now are old anime and WataMote.

In contrast to resident tritagonist-turned-deuteragonist Wahfuu‘s review of the series, my posts will be episodic and will be write-ups of my thoughts of what I’ve read up to that point. Just so it could stand out from his awesome congregated reviews. 😛 That being said, MISSION START!

Meet the cast. Well, some of them.

True to the Visual Arts brand, I’m treated to a rather pleasant opening sequence. The song, Philosophyz, really resonates with me, and not because of the obvious reason, but because it’s generally a really, really good song with a nice melody that picks up at all the right spots. Also, THAT GUITAR, MAN!

The monologue before the opening was pretty cool as well, and really sets the bar of what I expect to read from here on out – what Kotarou says here, make me expect big things concerning the concept of life. Here’s to hoping it pulls through for me in in that regard. Though, I feel that it’s a shame that I know very well that Kotarou won’t be voiced for most of the game (nearly all visual novels are like that) because he has such a good voice-over in the prologue.

Kanbe Kotori

Kanbe Kotori

Ohtori Chihaya

Ohtori Chihaya

Senri Akane

Senri Akane

Nakatsu Shizuru

Nakatsu Shizuru

Konohara Lucia

Konohara Lucia

Visual novel tropes tell me that these will be the characters that the routes will mostly focus on.

The art in Rewrite is immensely better than previous Key visual novels from what I can see so far. Sure, the art of their previous series was certainly expressive (and it’s weird that I’m the only person ever that never had a problem with it), but I’m really loving… the proportion? Ahem. No Jay Leno here.

(Sorry, Air, I still love you despite Jay Leno chins.)

Gives no shits

Our main character certainly has quite the personality. He’s frivolously carefree (and gives 0% shits about it) and arrogant (in a good way). Quite a change of pace from Yukito, Yuichi, Tomoya, and Riki. I like him already, he’s funny and I enjoy his inner dialogues.

Just a mammoth, he says

Just a mammoth. Nothing to see here.

The Mappie system is pretty fun stuff so far, it adds a nice point-and-click element to the visual novels, which I always tend to enjoy when included. I love spending my time check checking the whole GPS to trigger all of the events.


Oh my god, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Kotori’s character and voice actress. Chiwa Saitou nails the role SPOT ON. I’m quite curious about what her connection to the forest is – falling asleep there with no cares in the world sure adds to her intrigue.

I also quite enjoy her Engrish. I have the feeling she’ll be the source of that for the rest of the VN.

You said it, girl!

“Having a small butt comes in handy, sometimes.”




Chihaya is quite the character. Clumsy, falls down… things a lot, and has an arm that could probably break my face.

Well, she’s got looks.

Her interaction with Kotarou is pretty hilarious. He actually tries somewhat to make amends for his bad first impressions, but it either goes wrong or she snuffs it off like tsun because she can’t just can’t be honest. And she keeps tripping in dangerous places. I nearly got on her route because I was so worried about her.

I hate you for unrelated reasons!

Honesty 101

Mr. Lawless

As for Yoshino, the delinquent, I actually really enjoy the guy’s presence. His hammy dialogue mocks like, 20 anime series where it otherwise would sound badass, and his extremely, extremely vitriolic “friendship” with Kotarou is always amusing to read (the vitriolic part is all one-sided on Yoshino’s end), the guy’s tough guy act (at least, I think it’s an act!) makes him very easy to manipulate in the sense that he’ll deny everything he suggest and do the opposite.



This girl has skill

[juice]:3 <—-(SO HAPPY face)

Shizuru is a really cute character. Adorable, shy, tiny, , twintails, eye-patch. The quintessentials.

She’s also really eccentric, but mostly because Kotarou chooses to dub over her facial expressions. However, apparently she has hammerspace under that skirt and she can, well, balance juice on her head while eating from her bento box. Screw Chihaya’s strongarm, THIS is the peak of human ability.

what am i worrying about

“What stupid thing are you worrying about now, Johnny?”

What stupid thing are you worrying about now, Johnny?

you worrying about now, Johnny


...I have no words...

Right, a dog

My absolute favorite part so far is when Kotarou first uses his powers (this is, I’m guessing, the secret he alluded to earlier on). Quite a lot of strange things appear and he clearly entered some strange, parallel dimension.

This is some pretty creepy shit!

The superb dialogue obviously has me engaged, but what engages me more is the amount of intrigue they’re throwing at me this early. Plenty of paranormal things has happened in Kotarou’s room, such feeling a mysterious hand grab him in the middle of the night earlier on in the game, the above picture where he feels something gripping him entire body, etc. It’s all rather creepy and mysterious, and I like that.

The whole scene when he first uses his powers, then making it home to his room, only to find it being messed with some paranormal force… all of that happens right after another, and the whole sequence was pretty intense.


Good time for a cliff hanger? You bet.

Stay tuned…

Sentai Suzuki!

P.S. Task Force Suzuki are clearly the best characters.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Read! Rewrite (Mikoto Playthrough) – The Beginning…

    1. @Kai: Yeah, I love early scenes like that which peak my interest and engagement.
      I’m on my way to writing the next Let’s Read post, so look forward to that. ^^


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