Sakura Kinomoto’s birthday

Still waiting for that remake

Image Credit: かのら from Pixiv

誕生日おめでとう、 さくらちゃん!

I know it’s April 2nd in Japan right now, but it’s still April 1st here with all the April Fools shenanigans and whatnot. Of course, I don’t give much of a damn about any of that – I’d just like to dedicate this post to the birthday of one of the best female protagonists ever to grace the very existence of anime and manga. If there’s anything Cardcaptor Sakura-related, it’s pretty damn assured that I’ll post about it! 😛

That being said, I haven’t been posting all that much here because of classes (I’m always active on Twitter, though – so you’ll know if I’m actually dead or not). Rest assured, since it’s Spring Break, you’ll be seeing some final impressions on Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren, some after-thoughts on Kill la Kill, a full impression on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie trilogy, a few “nostalgia” posts here and there, and some other things I manage to finish up during my (otherwise) uneventful Spring Break in the near future.

Even Anzu is celebrating

Image Credit: Lewd artists from Ningen Modoki

6 thoughts on “Sakura Kinomoto’s birthday

  1. Tanjoubi omedetou Sakura-chan! ^^

    Thanks for getting me into anime and moe! 15 years later and you’re still one of the cutest girls anime has to offer! Hope you have a great day, you deserve it! ^o^/ Kampai!


    1. @TsukuyomiMagi99: “15 years later and you’re still one of the cutest girls anime has to offer!”
      YES, THIS. 😀


  2. It’s has been since a long time I seen Cardcaptors, but I should really finish it since I only watch several episodes during my childhood (yep, it’s the heavily censored version thanks to 4kids, worst localization studio ever).

    Still, I look forward to your reviews… I still have yet to watch all the Madoka movies.


    1. @chikorita157: The dub was actually done by Nelvana. Surprisingly enough, it’s worse than anything 4Kids has ever managed to do to an anime. It’s slightly worse than the 4Kids One Piece dub, and that’s…pretty terrible. lol
      As for Madoka, I’d say if you watched the entirety of the anime, you should just skip to Rebellion since the first two films are just recaps anyway, aside from a few differences. But they’re nice refreshers nonetheless.


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