Fanime 2015 Cosplay

A great hobby for great people

Image Credit: みつき

Last year, I didn’t take any cosplay photos because the con was overrun with Kek la Kek and Shingeki no Kyoujin cosplayers. Fortunately for this year, the amount of Ryuuko and Giants died down and I was able to witness a lot more variety of cosplays. Still, I was usually rushing around with my friends elsewhere so didn’t get too many chances to take snapshots of amazing costume work, but I did manage to squeeze in some photography.



Behold these cute Love Live! cheerleader outfits. (y)

Looking back at these, I regret not going to the Love Live! cosplay gathering…



Real life ship girls!

These two Kantai Collection cosplayers probably never played the game, never watched the anime, and have only seen the fanart – but fuck, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re pretty damn cute. The outfits definitely suit them, but the Kongou cosplayer is the only one who got her her appearance completely right (Haruna’s hair was just a little off).

You know I'm right

That smile is amazing

This girl was such a Mizuki Nana-lookalike. rofl

A+ for effort AND outcome

Now these outfits were very well-made. I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of the intricate mech cosplays or anything of the sort, but I’m happy that I got to take a shot of these, at least.

Mobile Suit!

…well, except that I did take a picture of a Gundam though.


And then there’s this guy. (Castle in the Sky 4tw!)

Miku Miku

D’aaw. Chubby-cheek Miku is always welcome! I actually had to crop this photo because people kept photobombing me, and the dude next to her kept standing there looking off awkwardly in every direction.

I suck at photos

Ugh, seems like the camera-shake really ruined this one.

Can’t really go back in time now, can we? ):


Awww, these girls were so precious. They were kinda shy though, so their poses turned out kind of stiff as a result.

But they’re kids, so I’m not gonna rag on them for it.

SakuSyao 5ever

Finally, a couple cosplaying Sakura and Syaoran!

Nico Nico Nii

Nico Nico Nii!

Fate/stay night and... Ragna

Saber, TOOHsaka, and Sad Kotomine

Truthfully, I only wanted to get Saber in the shots, but it would’ve been rude to refuse the other cosplayers in their group. Although, Shirou was alright, and the Ragna cosplay was really cool despite not being a Fate character… but hey, he looks like Archer enough. lol

This angle is great for preventing photobombing

EDIT: Almost forgot about this cosplayer!


Last, but not least, something that put a smile on my face: GUREIMON! I actually have a really funny story to go along with this cosplay (not the cosplayer himself, but what happened when he walked by us), which I’ll share in my next post.

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