Fanime 2015 Haul


Image Credit: さこ from Pixiv

Alright, I’m back from Fanime 2015. Unfortunately, I’ve come back to a horde of school projects I’ve neglected in favor of my special once-a-year geek-fest, so for now I’ll just go over the merch I spent my moolah on this year and share the rest of my Fanime 2015 experience later.

Aipon signature get!

First off, an autographed clear file of Sakura Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, from Nonaka Ai herself! I was so excited that I managed to get her autograph before they started to kick out sections of the autograph line, but I’ll save the details of that grueling adventure for my next post about my experience at FanimeCon 2015.


Vapor makes for some pretty lewd effects

Here are some other clear file folders I bought from Kinokuniya’s Dealer Hall stand:

It's me, Sakura merchandise is a given

Cardcaptor Sakura

Japanese and Brit cuteness!

Kiniro Mosaic


Kancolle (unfortunately, they only had the anime art, but I happened to like this one anyway)



Next up: Fate/stay night Deluxe Multicrosscloth. Basically a cloth poster.

It's huge!

Along with another Fate goodie (once again, from Kinokuniya), Fate/kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya PRISMA COMPLETE!

Double yayness

Ain’t she precious?

Mmmmm milk chocolate

I am not sorry.


Last but not least, Cardcaptor Sakura plushies! I gave the Kero to my younger sister, but of course, the Sakura one is mine.

Next post: Fanime 2015 Cosplay

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