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Alright… uh, well then. Seems this blog has been dead for a few months now. I’ve been caught up in finishing up the last of my junior college education, handling work, and family responsibilities, so much that video games and watching anime have been my priorities for downtime activity rather than writing about anime. Sorry guys.

Though, with this school quarter giving me plenty of free time to myself, I think I’ll find more time to write about weeb shit every now-and-then (I only have one physical class + work two days a week; online class is ezpz and my Japanese club is inconsequential, so I essentially have the rest of the days off). I’m going to start off by finishing up my UBW blog posts now that the Blu-rays are out (I never got around to doing a post about the anime-original epilogue; plus, the good ending is animated as a bonus on the BD, all hail Seibah) and I’ll probably write about the last half of the Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei adaptation (heads-up: mostly my views on it as an adaptation… and I know much the anime fandom loves primaries lololol hahaahaha fuck you).

It’s great to be back. Remainder that if I ever disappear (again), you can always catch me on Twitter.

[Interesting reads this week: The Trans-Pacific Partnership – The Trade Agreement that will Destroy the Anime Fandom as We Know It – Chikorita157’s Anime Blog

The TPP is heretical and is an affront to the common good. On the smaller side of things, it also affects anime and video games negatively. Don’t let it happen.]

2 thoughts on “Anime Blog CPR

  1. I was wondering where you were considering that I only really see you on Twitter once in a while.

    Aside from that, ever since I started my job back in July, I only really have about 7 hours of free time before I have to go to bed and do the same routine as waking up at 6 am in the morning, eat breakfast and get to work. I guess the upside of it is that I can spend some money on my hobby, although I have to pay for my mortgage aka rent (since I moved) along with repaying back student loans.

    Also, thanks for the mention.


    1. @chikorita157: A common in-joke amongst my friends is “When we’re unemployed, we have no money for [x]. But when we’re employed, we aint got time for [x].” (usually [x] is video games lol) It’s really cruel how the world works, huh? 😛
      And no probs, you really nailed how harmful the TPP is.


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