Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! – Final Impressions

Best Illyas

This particular season of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya was something I was looking forward to. Somewhat-different-but-still-best-girl, it premiered on my birthday month, for one, and I honestly couldn’t wait to see Ko-Gil in action coming off from the manga.

Unfortunately, as enjoyable as it still was for me on its own, Silver Link did a mediocre adaptation job here compared to previous seasons. A lot of it isn’t their fault, but at the very end they kind of wrote themselves into a wall, terribly so, especially compared to how the manga version of 2wei flew seamlessly into 3rei.

Grails are meant for filling

For starters, there were way too many slice-of-life filler episodes to justify my hype. Even though I’m not too crazy about the side-characters of Prisma Illya, I think Silver Link does really fun filler episodes regardless. The same remains true here, I enjoyed them. But compared to the previous seasons, they weren’t in balance with the actual plot and shot the pacing down. Unlike the previous seasons, the excitement doesn’t build up little by little as it goes on. Here, the excitement just starts when things get real, after the filler. There’s no overlap.

Now, I’m not going to rag too much on Silver Link for these pace-breakers, since they were essentially forced into adapting 2wei into two separate cours of anime. And to be fair, some of these “slice-of-life” fillers did exist in the manga. But I think we could have easily done without the BL side-chapter being adapted into 2wei Herz!, which could have easily been an OVA instead (side note: lol Kiritsugu x Kotomine).

The Eighth Card

The biggest problem with this season is that Silver Link really dropped the ball with the final episode. Now, I’m not enough of a purist to complain about every minor change out there (as long as the change doesn’t feel out-of-character for the source material). But the second half of the final episode is completely different from the manga, and the momentum the manga helped kick-start 3rei with by using a cliffhanger is all but gone.

If you’re an anime-only that has finished the 2wei Herz! season recently, quickly search for the final chapter of the 2wei manga online somewhere and read it, I assure you I’m not over-exaggerating. The change creates a serious plothole that makes it impossible to start 3rei where it’s supposed to start, which gives me the impression that Silver Link will use their rewrite as an excuse to start meandering with filler again for the first half of 3rei – which isn’t necessary because there’s enough good material for them to last an entire season. On top of that, they’re going to have to come up with a way to compromise with the changes they made here so they can actually get to the 3rei content. OTL

Long-awaited henshin, LONG AWAITED

That prospect really, really sucks. I have zero problems with the SoL fanservice in this series. I have no problems with that other type of fanservice in the series, either. It’s all part of the overall charm. But there are other perks to this Fate spin-off series other than Kuro/Illya turning viewers’ dicks into diamonds, all of which really start to shine in 3rei. Every chapter builds up your hype and delivers. And this is the point where fillers like this start to feel unwelcome.

With all that said and done, it seems like it’ll be a long time until we see (highlight for spoilers) Miyuverse!Shirou kicking ass with one of the most powerful depictions of Archer’s powers seen in any Fate series. I look forward to the 3rei adaptation(s) regardless, since I still enjoy the anime and I’m reading the manga anyway, but because of how Silver Link handled 2wei Herz!, my hype is at an all-time low.

7 thoughts on “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! – Final Impressions

  1. I do agree that the 2nd part of 2wei is kind of a let down. I felt that there was way too much time on comedy and filler and not enough magical girl action. The battle between Archer and Illya is basically the only battle in the 2nd half, which is kind of disappointing.

    Still, I’m hoping that 3rei will be better in comparison given the cliffhanger they gave.


    1. @chikorita157: If the manga’s anything to go by, 3rei’s supposed to be the best part of the entire series. More fights and installs by Illya, more Fate lore, etc. The problem is, with the way they ended 2wei in the anime, it’s almost impossible for them in jump into 3rei right away like they’re supposed to. The first chunk of 3rei’s aime adaptation will probably be anime-original.


  2. The slice of life moments are good at least to show more of the support characters, but after I finished the season, still can’t say I really care for them, lol.


    1. @Kai: Yeah, I never really felt much of anything for the side-characters. The characters imported from Fate/stay night and Fate/Zero are much more interesting.


  3. this show is creepy! not the magic stuff but the characters I mean iilya’s ok but the rest of them including her friends are dumb and shallow they are nothing more then plastic modern anime tropes in kid bodies like what kid knows about bl at age ten. instead of doing its own thing with the themes it has its obvious the creator saw nanoha got “inspired” by it copy and pasted if onto this show because of popularity. look at sakura kinomoto’s friends rika, chiharu, naoko, yamazaki, and tomoyo in ccs, they feel and act how real kids would at that age why? because clamp but effort and researched how kids behaved at that time in ccs and let the popularity form naturally instead of using a gimmick to capture the audience. what’s up with kuro? she has no reason exist whatsoever they just gave iilya a bad twin just because instead of showing us that she can be human and have dark thoughts. kuro is horrible a kid acting like a horny teenager isn’t cute or endearing it is disgusting and why does she only get mana from girls? there ARE boys in that school too surely she could get some from them but that would destroy the perverse thing the show has going for it miyu is just a fate testerossa clone with different hair and eye color because iilya having a boy rival her age wouldn’t go over well with otaku. despite all that they are things I like about it the action is superb and I love the idea using cards to transform into fictional heroes and different dimensions they go to just wish they would leave certain elements out entirely.


    1. – Because having titillating scenes with dudes is any less perverse than having titillating scenes with girls…

      – A girl who likes girls more than boys. Who would have thought those existed.

      – I found out about homosexual love when I was 10, of course this varies from person to person. I am a gigantic fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, guess where I found out about it?

      – Also, the purple-clad Illya, who was a grail conduit, from the main Fate series was a small 18-year old girl, and Kuro is supposed to represent Illya’s original self that was suppressed by Kiritsugu and Irisviel, she technically is a teenager if we go by the original Illya’s age and maturity in Fate/stay night. The Illya that grew up not knowing the purpose of her birth and grew up as a normal 10-year old in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya is relatively innocent in comparison. There’s your explanation.

      – And Miyu’s supposed to mirror Illya in the other world, she’s Shirou’s little sister in the other world. Her being a boy wouldn’t work with that plot-line. Also, she’s nothing like Fate Testarossa when you look past her initial appearance. She’s more of a throwback of Matou Sakura from Fate/stay Night Heaven’s Feel. That being said, her first appearances probably were meant to remind people of Fate Testarossa, much like how Nanoha’s barrier jacket was meant to remind people of the White Mobile Suit Gundam or how Fate herself was supposed to remind people of the pilot’s rival. It’s not a bad thing, it’s an affectionate reference, much like how Rachael Alucard from the BlazBlue series decorates her hair the same way as Fate. Unless I’m assuming you also have a problem with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha‘s roots in the doujin porn circle and the Nanoha x Fate yuri relationship that’s been implicated since the characters were 9, in which case that example will probably go out of the other ear.

      – I love CCS to death, I’m obviously a way bigger fan of that than Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, but this isn’t CCS (for one, it’s aimed at a much older audience, not shoujo, so it’s really hard to digest groaning about it being more risque, it’s not like they didn’t warn you). It’s an affectionate Fate magical girl parody, with Type-Moon mythology gags and references to other magical girl shows, that becomes more like a conventional Fate series in the third section of the story, dropping most of the ecchi fanservice altogether. Anyways, Kalmia shouldn’t be forced to conform to the idea of not offending the prudes. If he wants to make a Fate series with yuri undertones, then it should be allowed to exist. Countless times I’ve seen people praising an anime/manga if it includes yaoi undertones, but when it has yuri undetones? lol autocreepy. Apparently female otaku get priority in being treated like normal humans.

      That being said, I do think the anime gets a bit trashy especially in the later two seasons, but the manga is a fine series overall.


  4. I don’t like yaoi or yuri I’m a straight couple’s fan, but I still appreciate those differences as long as its not gimmicky and has a place in the story like chikane and himeko’s relationship their relationship despite being the same sex I find adorable because it’s part of the story it isn’t there just because. kuro on the hand to me is unnecessary to the plot you could take her out and it would still be the same she exists just to see how far they can go with fan service before they get canned. no I haven’t played any of the games nor do I want to; to time consuming


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