Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 07

Shy Ryouko-chan

Ryouko reverts to her 13-year-old self after a hit in the head in the shallow pool.

As expected, Ryoushi enjoys his Ryouko dressed-up, shy, cute, and wet.

Overall, it was an entertaining episode. I enjoyed seeing Ryouko’s personality without the tsun in front of it. ❤ I’m usually not fond of the generic amnesia episode, but seeing that side of Ryouko made things a lot better and easier to watch.

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 06

Cute Ryouko

This looks surprisingly cute. ;D

This week’s episode was much more interesting than the last ones; mostly because it focuses on the three characters I actually give a crap about in this show.

We get a look at how Ringo and Ryouko met, as well as Ryoushi solidifying his resolve to become a stronger man for Ryouko. Hm, Ringo and Ryouko reminisced about their middle school days while I was busy at my middle school reunion yesterday? How fitting.

Pro tip: We should know by now that this anime hardly resembles the fairytales it alludes to in its episode titles.

Pouty Ryouko

This is what she looks on the outside, the first pic is what she looks like on the inside.

Ryouko plays up the tsundere role pretty straight, but I like it. ❤

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 03

I'll show you real pleasure...

I’ll show you what real pleasure is

Just kidding, you naughty lolicon.

Just kidding, you naughty lolicon.

Beauty contest? I thought there was going to be some epic flashback race or something when I saw fat little Otohime at the beginning of the episode. Also, pig tails = rabbit ears? Does this mean Azunyan~ is a rabbit neko hybrid?

(lol, embrace the lack of Chinese subtitles for Ookami-san now…)

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Seasonal Blogging List (Mid-Summer)

Summer 2010

Pretty much all the confirmed shows I’m going to blog until the next batch of shows stick their ugly heads in.

I’m probably going to watch one or two more shows in addition to the ones I’m going to blog. However, I’m too much of a wimp to blog that many shows. That, and I have tons of video games I need to beat (and I have a hunch that a good amount of anime this season will disappoint me).

SO, NO SORRIES! =D I just finished up FMA: Brotherhood and will write a post regarding that tomorrow.

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