Gintama (2013) 03 – Here we go! (Psst, spoilers ahead)

whoopin ass!

Ooooh boy! Our group of rebels are slashing through the Shogun’s forces like a Dynasty Warriors game. Nothing these guards have are going to stop Gintoki and the gang from taking Lord Sada Sada’s lower top knot for being the Delta Bravo that he is. That and the killing of Bakufu officials because that’s a no-no.

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Gintama (2013) 02 – The plot thickens

He seems to be enjoying himself there.

He seems to be enjoying himself there.

Alright, if you saw the last episode of Gintama, you saw that Gintoki, Tsukuyo and Nobume were in a bit of a pinch with the current SHOOOOOOGUUUUUUNNN being down for the count and his uncle, the former Shogun, about to walk in the room.  If you haven’t seen the latest episode yet, stop reading right now and go watch it already!  Anyways, latest episode picks up at a very crucial point from the first one, and at the same time, Isaburo decides to tell Kagura and Shinpachi what he knows about the former Shogun.  But not before he decides to help in kicking the can!  Again, the hilarity ensues, but it is an imperative to watch what the former Shogun and Isaburo say in the midst of the hi-jinx because what they say foreshadows the upcoming events and reveals a bit of the former Shogun’s character to the audience.

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