Key’s Rewrite! First Thoughts and Feelings Thus Far

I've done it again.



We interrupt your broadcasting of Duel Savior and Da Capo III for another visual novel to once again delay everything else I’m doing! Yes, everyone, it’s that time of the year. Where some really cool guys translate the latest Key visual novel (in record time!) and everyone is forced to go through bitch-tears and reduced masculinity for awhile. Yep, it’s that old song and dance. Rewrite has been translated. And unfortunately, everything else I’ve been doing has taken a small trip into the back-burner, because there is no way at all I can bring myself to read anything else when I have something so hyped in front of me.

So, curious? Of course you are. So this, friends and enemies alike, is the beginning of my journey into Key’s latest monstrosity! Let’s get ready to count the scars, alrighty? Okay, so, on with the show!

I am a total sucker for really good OP’s. I like the Little Busters! theme better, but that might be due to my overwhelming bias towards it. This one is a pretty damn good ear-worm though. It really fits the VN so far.

Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia. The basis of the story is set in a high school setting. The first half of Rewrite primarily consists of the characters interacting in many everyday, enjoyable scenes. The latter half, however, is more serious, emotional, and carries a sense of mystery to the plot.

As indicated by the title, rewriting is the theme of the game’s scenario. The tagline for the game is, “Could it possibly be rewritten, that fate of her’s?“. ”

So, as you can tell with the damn synopsis, Key is making absolutely no attempt to hide the crazy, otherworldly shit that was only slightly in the background in a lot of Key’s other works. It is made entirely apparent that this world is different. Extremely different. And damn is it green. Also, the game feels very… cinematic. I’m not sure how to put it in words, really. With the Mappie segments, little side-quests, the constantly moving dial on the bottom left, a background for the save-file page and all sorts of other little things, everything just feels incredibly fluid and visually appeasing, outside of just Key’s artwork. Keys art has always been hit or miss, so not a lot to talk about on that front.

Also, I get the same vibes that I did with Air. I don’t mean to say that Key’s works don’t have really good stories or anything of the sort, but a lot of the time the scenarios end up being incredibly character-driven. Nothing really deep, but always absurdly well-written. That isn’t totally the same with Air and Planetarian. It feels a bit like that. There’s a lot of mystery and craziness almost immediately from the start. The world just seems totally shrouded in mystery, and this gets even more freaking insane when you see Kotarou use his Rewrite ability for the first time. I don’t know what that even means or what the dial moving means, but I assume the former is awesome and the latter is bad.

I could also be totally insane and just running off my own instinct here, because god damn, the common route has done nothing but make me laugh.



Seriously, I’m not even sure if the Little Busters! common route made me laugh as much as this common route did. Honestly. There’s an incredible amount of Engrish by the characters, which makes it quite a deal funnier. There are Mappie (the app you have that makes a map of all the areas you go through as you walk) segments where you click on stuff on the screen and get small, incredibly amusing dialogue with the main character and the environment/random old guy/random cat, etc etc. The characters are incredibly hard to dislike, too.

Did I mention it was funny? Cause, seriously. It’s funny.

Now, once again, Key didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here. It’s still very, very Key-like with its humor and as such, people who didn’t like Clannad‘s, Little Busters!‘s, and whatnot will probably get annoyed at the humor in this since it’s the same, but for the sake of opinion, I’ll just say I find it thoroughly amusing.

Anyways, I’m expecting quite a deal. I’ve already heard a lot by the folks over at Amaterasu about how different this apparently is. A lot of action, fighting, and some manliness added onto it. Which… is definitely a first. Either way, I have quite high expectations. Not just because of the company that this has its logo on either. The common route has been so damn good and the story genuinely intrigues me. It would be a damn shame if this turned out to be bad, because damn am I enjoying it so far.

Also, hilariously, during this we have discovered the ultimate waifu for Mikoto. Eyepatch, twintails, head tilts and all. And the best thing of all?

She knows he worries too much about stupid stuff.

Ain’t that right?


Mikoto’s Waifu Deluxe 2.0 Extra Upgrade Version X: The Sequel.

Course I’m right.

(Mikoto edit: …Huh. WELL ALL MY UGUUS)

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