Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 03

I'll show you real pleasure...

I’ll show you what real pleasure is

Just kidding, you naughty lolicon.

Just kidding, you naughty lolicon.

Beauty contest? I thought there was going to be some epic flashback race or something when I saw fat little Otohime at the beginning of the episode. Also, pig tails = rabbit ears? Does this mean Azunyan~ is a rabbit neko hybrid?

(lol, embrace the lack of Chinese subtitles for Ookami-san now…)



Someone laid off on the McDoubles before it was too late

Who knew a bit of exercise for a year could make someone look so smexy.

What’s up with making fun of the fat kids in anime, though? I have this tendency to not notice obesity and anorexia as long as the person isn’t a total a-hole, but I guess it’s different for other people. “Turtle” is kind of a lame thing to call a fat person, though. I’d settle for just the traditional “fatass”, personally.

Also, D’AAAAAAAW on Urashima calling little Otohime cute.



Yandere loli


Usami reminds me of Alice from Tales of Symphonia -Knight of Ratatosk-.

Evil loli that baits you in with her fake cuteness? -shivers-


You think this shot is epic? Wait until you see their faces when they see the yandere loli.

Loli Persona Battle

I thought this was going to be a typical loli battle. You know, the ones where they fight over which one has the better flat chest…

Until they started summoning Persona. “WTF?!” Then it looked awesome.

Why can't she be like Mio

an embarrassed ryouko is fine too

Ryouko needed to slip into a swimsuit or a cosplay uniform. Then this episode would have been complete.

Ryoushi’s last attempt at bringing out the dere dere in Ryouko at the end of the episode deserved a bro-fist. Nicely played, boy, nicely played.

5 thoughts on “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 03

  1. I wonder what sort of cosplay or swimsuit Ryouko could have worn…hmmmm….black bikini maybe licking on a baby blue Popsicle! Yush! I love the little “Otaku” photoshoot XD. That was awesome, made me rofl (yes I am using that as a verb now) when Ryoushi popped up.


  2. Episode is great for Kugimiya fags. Nothing is better than seeing her lose.
    Somehow I’m able to stand Toyasaki in this anmie because of the flashbacks.

    Anime still dumb as ever though.


  3. @Fabrice: Hearing her as Alphonse in FMA for a whole year again made me sad hearing her in a generic loli role again. ):


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